Gray And White Kitchen Backsplash Idea

In the kitchen there’s not much room for decorative elements so these headboard and framed mirrors work perfect. The idea is to have a neutral headboard with simple border and a neutral color such as white, beige or something cream. Then there’s also the option of having framed mirrors which are not as eye-catching as those plain frames that you see in stores. We found a very beautiful headboard idea that also features paintings. You can have such a headboard or bedroom wall decals displayed in this room.

The idea was also to have a headboard that displays original designs and colors. Notice the green border between the bottom portion of the frame and the artwork above it. You can also add a second accent wall or use different colors displayed on it in various similar colors. It will be an overall cohesive look regardless of the type of décor you choose for the room. Check out how the image shared on alysonscarroll is styled and the two narrow headboards shared as a whole on the bottom of the headboard with the bottom portion of the wall unit.

Gray And White Kitchen Backsplash Idea Photo 2

Of course, you can also make the headboard yourself. You can use the wood pallet boards and the reclaimed wood to build a nice headboard that suits your classical bedroom. This one shared by homefashionabathome is a lovely example in this case. You can use the boards to build two matching headboards and they can be attached to the headboard using thread on which the new creation can be seen. More details about this project can be found on houseofhawthornes.

Wood pallets are a great source of material if you want to create a cold contemporary headboard, one with an industrial look. A good example could be a project featured on houseofturquoise which shows how to make one made from scratch. You’ll obviously need lots of wood so make sure you have plenty of it. You can stain or paint the wood, install hooks at the back and even paint the ceiling to give it a frosted and more beautiful look. The idea comes from lifeovereasyandbig.

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