Green Divider By Michael Hsu Office Of Metropolitan Design

Green is a very beautiful color. It’s a color with a well-defined symbol and it’s also known to create a harmonious décor. Here are some examples of how you can successfully use green in the interior design of your home.

This home belongs to a graphic designer. It all began in a renovation project. As the designer declared himself, “if I see this in a realistic environment, I get the opposite effect.” This was what the designer was saying.

Green Divider By Michael Hsu Office Of Metropolitan Design Photo 2

The designer became very creative when he saw the green façade and saw that it started to make a strong impression on everyone. The green was like a breath of fresh air, perfect for the office. The green also made the designer use a lot of materials that replicate the cement and plastic at the same time. This way they keep the cement shapes alive.

Green Divider By Michael Hsu Office Of Metropolitan Design Photo 3

This colorful home features some really interesting features. For example, there’s a green brick path and a library that share a similar décor.The library features an architectural black and white structure with leaf like structure. It’s a very interesting detail. The office also features another interesting feature. There are pockets of space in there. These pockets are there to diversify the spaces. I believe it’s even better to be able to create your own pocket universe. This allows you to save space by not having to remind yourself to spend most of the time in your own office but having the time to make something formal.

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