Aquariums Design Ideas

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to aquariums. One of the most common is the one features by Metis)

The unusual thing about this model is that aquariums don’t seem to be very stable. The stability is the result of the fact that aquariums are raised on pillars and secured to the pillars, which allow the stability of the fish. This is not very Zen and not very modern. Anyway, it’s a pretty interesting design.

Aquariums Design Ideas Photo 2

This is Part I of his design, released back in 2011. Part II features the same type of fish bowls, albeit different sizes. The only thing that they all share is the flame. The only thing that they didn’t have is the flame connection.

As for the design, the sculpture is actually a modern aquarium, mounted on a post and it gives the fish a very organic feel. Also, the fire and water combination is amazing, especially in combination with the plants that are displayed on it. As for the actual structure and shape, you can see that the blocks are actually connected to the blocks’ internal steel structure, making the whole aquarium light and very roomy. At the center of the sculpture is a metal ring with lights that create a very romantic atmosphere. You can get this beauty accessories from Amazon for about $40.

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