Sea Glass Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Just because a building is old doesn’t mean it can’t be modern. There are some elements I’m unsure about, such as water stains from the glass and rustic exterior, and I’m sure they could all be solved with more ancient materials. However, there is one aspect that all of this somehow creates a connection with the sky and nature that nothing else can.

I’m sure water stains isn’t at home, but since it is a common stain, I guess the connection is perfect. Since I have remodeled the kitchen, I decided to continue the remodeling process, and trying to remodel both spaces at the same time.

Because, as I mentioned, there are both log supports and cabinet boxes, making them very easy to move from place to place. Also, I used a modern day kitchenecture with hidden parts. In that way, allowing me to save some space, hence the extra room you see in the pictures.

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