Short Tubs

I like simple things and I consider myself a person that likes to simplify everything, to try to make everything seem simple and fine, to be practical and to be very sure that nothing will take away from its simplicity. I also love simple and elegant items, simple clothes and accessories. These are items that take away a thing from the well designed world and make you think of those nice CDs or maybe you love to have a nice and lovely watercolor wallpaper. So do not use this crazy idea of short and long tub that takes you back in time. Use these nice and nice tub for yourself and for the kids room.

In this case the real objective is not to save space, but to impress on every little part. The important thing is to bring the kids into the bath and make them enjoy some moments of play in there. You can paint their bathtub and try to have some fun when they go there, but you can also turn it into a nice and colorful place like the tub. If you take a look at this nice bathtub you will see that it is made from lots of little beads that have been painted in different colors. I know this is a fun habit kids have, but it turns out they really love painting and coloring the walls of their room. And, of course, this design is perfect: it is bright and colorful and fits with the rest of the furniture and the theme of the kids room. You can now purchase this item for $29.

Short Tubs Photo 2

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