White Living Roomsbyasta Mots

White is the perfect color when you want to create a clean and bright white house or at least this is the case with the interior design of this beautiful home designed by .For bre symbolism. As you can see, the huge windows create a very warm and cozy atmosphere and the white floor, walls and ceilings create a sense of cleanliness and purity. The furniture has little details and the color combination includes the best tailoring pieces and silk lampshades available to this place.

As concerning colors, the flooring options are very few and simple and the main ones in this case are the classical white and brown combination. I like the way these shades were combined which gives a great atmosphere and also creates dynamism. If you want a similar effect you can always paint your floor a different color. The walls and ceilings also have a nice smell that combines all these shades with warm colors and creates a more homely décor.

White Living Roomsbyasta Mots Photo 2

The room is not bad either. There are the colorful coffee tables and some cozy armchairs that seem to be just waiting for some action. I’d say this is a very successful combination between brown and beige. Just take a look at those faces and you’ll like everything about them.{found on 2400 Akasan}.

White Living Roomsbyasta Mots Photo 3

White Living Roomsbyasta Mots Photo 4

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