Building On A Hill In Beijing

If you really want to see the harmony nature has to create in any structure, stop thinking only at the simplest things. In a lot of cases, what we see is a very complex construction meant to impress and stand out. One of the most impressive structures is the building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects situated in New York, on a site that curves around an ancient pochebere, a tool the ancient tool of the Chinese. The project occupies a corner of the western pochebere stone courtyard and the building exploits this wish by being built in the ancient patterns and generating the design for the building itself. The form of the building is not totally independent from the patterns and the building concept is conceived so as to maintain transparency in all the aspects of the design.

The main entrance from the first level leads you to the ancient pochebere. It is a central feature that brings freshness and colour to the entire first floor. The main material used for this structure and part of all walls and roof is constituted by stone core, a material that covers the big main frame and cantilevers on all the edges of the building. Besides this, there are wood, iron plates and special glazed over-sized bolts that have been drilled in some edges to keep their load-bearing back supports. The construction of the house is made of 140cm*16cm T sections and same material, too, but emphasizes a symmetry between the surfaces of the two forms.

The inner walls, on the west side of the first floor slab is made of concrete. The rest of the structure is made of 8×8 or 8×8 masonry. Windows, with the large, insulated ones made of wood, are fixed at the same level.

Building On A Hill In Beijing Photo 3

Therefore, the main feature of the design, is the combination between rocks, concrete and wood, achieving the same result but in a much lighter, more elegant, form.”

Photos by: Fanjoy Photography

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