Prefabricated Small Homes In The Middle Of Nature

Located in Brazil, this small home occupies only 4.5 square meters of space. It’s not the surface that impresses but its design and structure. The home was designed by Estudio Arquitetura and it’s indeed a small one-room home. It was created for a client that had a very simple request. He wanted a home that would feel like a box but that would be comfortable and a home that would allow him to feel like home in that moment. It couldn’t be a house without windows.

The client also wanted the design to be completely different for his lifestyle. This way he wanted to be able to enjoy nature and to have furniture designed especially for bedrooms. He also wanted the house to offer him privacy, protection from the elements and simplicity. Given the circumstances, the simplicity of all the elements was what determined the size, position and configuration of the house.

The façade of the house has two facades. The first one is the residential side of the house while the facades of the rest of the house are paved, emphasizing the privacy and close connection between the interior and the exterior of the house. The residence includes four bedrooms, an office, a large living room with a pool, an office for the children and a temperature-controlled bathroom. The property also includes beautiful gardens and a large backyard heated by a motor.

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