Art Glass Lighting Solution For The Garden

It is well known that many of us go outside at night and enjoy the beautiful moonlight to see the beautiful blue and also the colourful lights of the sunset. But some people prefer to stay in bed. This is also a good idea if you have a small garden or just a place where you need the light to be. For example Karen of the Light and Water Design company created a really special lighting solution – glass pendant lamps. They seem to be floating in the air as if they’re floating on the wall. Glass is a very modern material which has the advantage of remaining light resistant. It is furthermore perfect for the creation of special ambient lighting features. It gives the impression of nature floating in the air.

These lighting fixtures can decorate your garden or even house and different spaces and functions at the same time.The glass pendant lamps can be purchased for a price varying between $400 and $2,000 and there are also models in different sizes. So if you think you need some pendant lights for your garden or outdoor space you can always come up with a simpler solution.

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