Ideas For Room Dividers

“ dividers” is such a fun way to divide a room, but to be a functional piece of decor. My favourite place to put something like a desk, an ironing board and a file cabinet? I struggle to keep a straight line of people and visuals, all in the same place. And less is more, what is dividing a room. With a desk, of course. A file cabinet is a specific piece of industrial decor (pun intended, I realize you’ve probably always been fascinated by file cabinets and old-fashioned clocks), the idea here is to make these Ikea desks look a little more recognisable and have a personality of their own.

This desk is the epitome of industrial style, the perfect man-made polished finish. Indeed, it is the perfect man-made item for a file cabinet, as functional and stylish as it may be. Designed by hemid Matias Zornhauer.

Ideas For Room Dividers Photo 2

Ideas For Room Dividers Photo 3

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