Cheap Pool Chairs By Sydney-based Designer Sybastudio

A lot of people would say that having a pool in their home is not what it is. Well, it is a much better if you know what and could accurately compare with some of the outdoor furniture designer Poul Henningsen designed back in 1996. The guys from Poul Henningsen are probably the best in the world when it comes to pool furniture and design and everything related. They have designed and produced some amazing chairs and sofas, some of them even double as tables. This beautiful Gloster outdoor pool chair is just the thing you need when you feel like taking your summer vacation and want to take it with you on your motor yacht.

The chair has an unusual shape with the edges clad in rusty metal. It also has a contrasting interior with large cushions on top. These are supported by a rusty, rusty-finished metal frame. The chair is available in three colors: black, white and natural. The chair offers a large seating space on three tiers and you can buy this one for $2,900.

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