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We are currently doing a variety of home decorating and design trends for our millions of people. Home décor for any room of the house is changing as more and more people realize that they need to incorporate current styles into their homes. However, there comes a point when almost any style of décor is going to be affected by the trends, so it’s important to get an idea of what you’re going to use in the house before you make a shopping decision. Here are some ideas that might help you spruce up your space and create just the right atmosphere for 2019.

Opt for vivid colors.

The color you choose for the home office is also important for people when they decide on the color for their home. Not everyone perceives the color as being appropriate for their home, but this doesn’t mean that everyone should be limited to neutrals. You can use bright colors that don’t clash with the rest of the décor for a more elegant look but still pay respect to the purpose of the room.

Cool pastels.

Usually, for the pastels, the color you choose for the walls and the ceiling is important in terms of creating a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere. For the pastel tones, it’s usually the shades and dominant colors you want to use. It doesn’t have to be a typical pattern or texture.

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Decorate the walls.

You can still make a room feel inviting and beautiful by adding texture to the décor. Make sure that texture is not too vibrant or powerful and that they have less impact on the overall décor. You can introduce pattern and texture through things like area rugs, furniture upholstery, etc.

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Soft pinks and yellows.

Another way to approach the current trend is to use soft pinks and yellows. For the past two years this has been a very popular wall color and now there is a “non-obnoxious” approach being used. It’s a very unexpected yet very welcomed color.

Create a gallery wall.

If you’re not particularly attached with color or display more than you can or want, a gallery wall is a great idea. You can customize it however you want and even replace the whole gallery with small pictures or to create separate panels.

Because the hallway is an area that needs to always look and to be decorated, a gallery wall is an ideal idea for it. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex. Just use the pictures as you would any other wall decor.

Get a collection.

Even though your hallway may lack personality, your hallway could benefit from a collection of unique pieces. You can use different collections that are very much in sync with each other. Get a collection of different covers for your hallway wall or other similar things. This is a great way to showcase the beautiful collection you have accumulated.

Paint the ceiling.

The hallway is not the place where coats are hung and carried from the bedroom and this also gives you a great excuse to get a bright wallpapered wall. Choose a color that will complement the décor you’re trying to create here. It will make the whole room seem bigger and brighter.

A colorful rug.

Another great way to give your hallway that retro look is by changing the rug. Try changing the color of the rug for something bold and modern. The colors you choose have a timeless beauty and will have a lasting effect. And for that you’ll need to be extra careful when choosing your rug. Try to avoid colors that are too bold or vibrant.

Add some artwork.

The hallway is not the place where you should display things, although it is a public space. It’s why artwork is not as easy to integrate in a private space as it is to a hallway. You have to be very careful when choosing the artwork. It has to be clearly and nicely framed. Avoid exposing fragile collections such as collages. If you do have some images that might clash you can consider introducing a mirror or a photo ledge.

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