Lisa Jenkskall Design Studio Furniture

These two pieces of furniture are perfect for those who love to have furniture in their home. It is even more beautiful if the piece are designed for outdoor use. It is even more appealing for those who do not have a proper terrace and would like to be outside sleeping or enjoying the shade from the sun.

For those who have the space and time and would like to enjoy relaxing moments in the sun or by the lake watching film, you can create your own relaxing space made almost entirely out of wicker. It can be purchased for $1,050 at shop hook.

And it can fit perfectly in outdoor design, between Christmas and your guests when you have already your own terrace. I’m not trying to say that you don’t have a unique seating place for every event, but I would love to see you have a fair game of playing balls-and-stones with those who can afford to have it.{found on designboom}.

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