Cool Flatware With An Unusual, Eye-catching Design

When decorating the bathroom we usually have two main strategies: first of all, you have to make a statement with the bathroom furniture and then you have to ignore the little details like the bathroom mat, the towel racks, sink strainer and all the other little things. But there’s a second strategy that even more beautiful than that.

A bathroom with a wooden vanity has a very nice and interesting look. It’s one of those cases when you want everything to be perfect. However, the choice of colors, finishes, dimensions and textures makes the bathroom stand out. This look in part explains the chromatic palette of this elegant bathroom.{found on inkiingnc}.

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In any case, a combination of dark blue and green is often considered one of the colors you should use in the bathroom. However, if you want to create a contrast, two shades can be equally elegant.{found on dkarc}.

A nice idea can be to combine two similarly dark shades. So dark blue would only look right in a bathroom that also has an ornate décor, on the walls a very detailed bathroom rug and a beautiful chandelier.

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A deep blue wall can be the perfect backdrop for a sunken bathroom. That painting you have hanging above the tub can feature a variety of different colors, not just the timeless black and white combo one would think.

Other shades of blue work well just as nicely. Try a pale blue on the walls if you want the room to appear more airy and relaxing. Then just keep it relaxing and use white as a main color.

Because blue is such a powerful color, it doesn’t really need other accents if you don’t want to create strong contrasts with the décor. For example, this dining room features is classical blue walls and wooden floors, complemented by pinstripe orange walls.

In this bathroom, the blue complements the green and crisp white details. It creates a breezy and airy décor and it also helps create a modern and chic look.{found on modernjanedesign}.

In a modern setting one can try to use simple and clean lines and shapes. In the case of a sunken bathroom, such an approach is usually preferred when creating an open and inviting look.{found on stylishpatina}.

The design and shape of the bathroom needs to be able to respond to the user’s needs. For example, a rectangular tub can be a nice design option for this space while a round tub can enhance its elegant look. The natural stone floor tiles help make the whole design look natural but also allow the floor to better retain its form.{found on marcusdesigninc}.

Spaciousness is also important when furnishing a bathroom. If you want the bathroom to be comfortable, then you should plan the décor accordingly. Architect Oliver Kagan designed this bathroom with the help of the Senackethe Instat. The design is pure and authentic, graceful yet simple.

As you can see, the materials used in this bathroom are really simple. Of course, other types of designs aren’t as simple, mostly because of the lack of details. These are not overly sophisticated and they don’t look overly simple and they’re meant to maintain a minimalist and uniform look throughout the room.

A similar type of décor can be achieved using less and less sophisticated features. The lacquered glass bathtub is a very suggestive piece. Both extremely simplistic and as being aesthetically pleasing it has a very chic look.

A similar collection of designs can also be created. Here we have a white bathroom with a white marble vanity and a round tub. The floor is covered with large floor tiles while the walls are white. This creates a clean and bright décor which suits the room perfectly.

The black and white combination is timeless and always beautiful and it can be used for all elements dating from the design of the bathroom to the most unexpected detail. In this case, the flat tiled flooring can have a similar color but the frame and the accessories are different as well. The result is a balanced and elegant décor that perfectly suits this modern bathroom.

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