Shed Office Plans And Transformations By Kevin B Howard

Sharing the same passion and wisdom of all sorts of things, Kevin B Howard (or K): the founding director and owner of the Northwest Territories-the developing and designing the interior of the Northwest Territories headquarters, recently, the Shed office (working on the design of a new Tel-Aviv, Big Yalling,Israel) was created by the architecture firm KDI Parti Design. The office is split into two levels, the first one is occupied by the “Shows” department, which is a design company and is led by designer and stylist Ramona Gomez. The shed is designed as a space where one can seek reflection and relaxation after a busy day of work. This is what the clients wished for: a place where one can feel closer to his environment and work without being surrounded by walls and enclosures.

The inspiration for the unique interior design of the Shed office came from simple elements from nature. The materials used come from the surrounding areas and the concept is based on a trip to Facebook, where one can view the latest trends and ideas from nature and the designers from the Australian Institute of Architects. The inspiring ideas and highlights of the materials and the natural nuances in the context of the place are the two accent walls in the reception area.

The welcoming and warm interior is in perfect harmony with the eco-friendly colors, pure materials and functionality. The Shed office is designed with high sustainability in mind, elements like solar power, LED lighting, energy-saving systems and so on ensuring environmental impact.{found on inhabitat}.

Shed Office Plans And Transformations By Kevin B Howard Photo 3

Shed Office Plans And Transformations By Kevin B Howard Photo 4

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