Tree Limb Support Device – Table Supported By Double Wing

Vintage designs are special made of things that were made by manufacturing them. So if you want to purchase the tree leg support system it has to be a little different than the standard ones. Well, I have only one and I admit it is a very unusual and interesting piece. It is a support device that needs to be very carefully stored in a secure place near a wall, so it had to be glued together. And since it was glued there, the support timber had to be very thin to allow the optimal support position so it has to be made of very strong and sturdy wood. It is covered by a floral pattern that looks like the traditional flower shape and it is available in two colours: solid beech brushed with natural oil or lemon colour that also renders the product a nice look and the look is great in your home. The item is now available for $600.

Tree Limb Support Device – Table Supported By Double Wing Photo 4

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