Kitchen Floor Plans With Island And Dining Table

The kitchen is usually the area of the kitchen where you have to make your decisions based on a series of factors such as the size of the space you have available, your personal preferences, the color palette, the materials and finishes involved but most important of all, the kitchen island. It’s the central element which solves the smallest and most difficult architectural design challenges.

The kitchen island is a long and heavy piece made out of wood, heavy and simple but very efficient at offering you useful prep space and a beautiful and practical view as well as storage space for lots of utensils and appliances. The Kallax kitchen has a somewhat complex design but this doesn’t make it any less impressive. The proportions are very important in this case. The table and the fridge are made of wood while the space underneath is a sort of storage area. Then there’s also the space adjacent to the fridge in which can be used to store large appliances like the soaps.

The Kallax kitchen is made of solid wood and this detail along with the neutral and contemporary décor resulted n the result of a very well planned and optimized kitchen. The corner spaces have been decorated with bright colors inspired by the kitchen from the rest of the house. The kitchen also features a beautiful wood-burning stove, very elegant and a wonderful focal point for a traditional interior.

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