Living Room With Orange Accents And A Warm And Open Décor

The first thing that anyone would notice about this room is the way in which the colors used are warm and pleasant. The wooden furniture and shelves are in tone with the room and the most important features are the black and white striped rug from the living room, the white walls and the large orange L-shaped sofa.

This combination of colors and warm tones is very pleasant. The parquet flooring and the walls with small paintings and patterned wallpaper do not seem to be the predominant elements in the room. However, they are a very helpful accent, as they make the room seem bigger and feel more spacious.

Orange and brown are main colors used for this room. The orange soft rug is very beautifully complemented by a medium brown wooden coffee table, which is actually used in the living room as well. Most of the furniture is white, so it has nothing to contrast with the colors. However, some of the decorative objects are more specific, like the orange bookshelves or the brown chairs, especially placed in front of the fireplace. The walls are also decorated with tones of brown,caust even the dining room chairs are in dark brown. The bedroom is a combination of brown and blue. The furniture is simple, with clean lines and thin wood frames that create a sense of warmth throughout the house.{found on diariodesign}

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