Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors – For The Artist

In the world of art and design, the bathroom becomes a place fit for the eyes to grow with, just like a painting. Artists, in a search for beautiful patterns and furniture, have to use unusual materials in futuristic and modern environments to present them with a unique design .

In the case of the Tiles series designed by Bisazza, the professionals paving the project at this historic residential architecture firm, had to interpret and restore more the original elements of the building than they could handle on paper. The result is more than impressive, as Tiles provides an artistic and modern interpretation of the architectural forms on the floors, walls, and ceilings.

Tiles represents a contemporary interpretation of the striped floor, a modernized version of the classic mural Tiles installed at the Centre York Gallery.Thus, Tiles features a map of the space – bold prints in contrasting colors, as yellow on the walls, green walls, blue floors, red furniture – in order to achieve a different look and ambiance when using the bathroom.

Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors – For The Artist Photo 3

The door to the bathroom, designed in blue and orange, is a way to draw attention to the spacious and chic living area. The room is continued with the newly made “skin of the wall” on the floor, the ancient tapware, the impressive soap dish, with the blue background represented with water, it draws attention to the spacious and refreshing cosmopolitan retreat.

The “Crown-shape” chandelier is the most interesting decorative element with its elaborate design. It is made from the most inviting tapware. The tapware sections are places inside the wall itself, obtaining a special effect, like a crown of relief. The “Crown-shape” chandelier is an important decorative element in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, where its image will always remind you of the beauty of the human kind and the special decorative elements that were used during its creation.{found on archdaily}.

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