Luxury Yurts, Two Structures With Stone Walls

Located in Turencien, Germany, this complex is the most spacious stone structure in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s a two-storey structure that now also includes its own patio. It was constructed by Autoban in 2010 and the construction was indeed an eventful mixture of natural elements, modern additions and old. The building mixes old with new interpretations and this result is very impressive.The building has seven levels, the main one being distributed across two volumes. It has private terraces on each level. These terraces serve as balconies and highlight the topography of the site. The interior is simple, modern and elegant, just like the exterior.

The two volumes have steel structures which created the illusion of the stone walls and concrete structure, a simple yet striking contrast. The contrast is partly due to the contrast in materials. The construction on the ground floor was also constructed with river rocks within the foundation. The second floor of the structure includes two flexible and adjustable terraces with glass balustrades. They offer panoramic and sweeping views of the surroundings.

The sloping roof follows the shape of the terrain and defines a small internal courtyard. A large and infinity pool is complemented by a large deck that offers access to the terraces from the living and dining spaces.

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The first floor contains two bedrooms. One of them has an underwater window above the bed while the other is a sunken one. In addition, the master bedroom features an en-suite bathroom underneath the roof terrace.

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Each of the seven pavilions has its own entrance which is not completely independent from the others. This one connects to one of the communal spaces that are situated on the lower level, next to the bathroom.

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The high ceiling of the bedroom is there too but this time it was put in relation to other features and to a more private lounge area that also offers panoramic views.

The open plan social kitchen, living and dining areas are positioned close to the stone wall and take advantage of the bright open floor plan. A huge island with seating for 12 is strategically placed and complemented by chic Tolix chairs.

A formal dining area is situated on the same level as the kitchen. All the service porcelain tiles are exposed and this one features a charcoal gray finish.

The secondary bedroom is located on the upper level, under the rounded windows. Here there’s enough space for sconces, a small sofa, a table and a large sectional. The light carpet covers the walls, creating a really cozy ambiance.

The game room is directly connected to the wooden terrace. In addition, there’s also a bar nearby. There’s also a TV tucked in a corner waiting to welcome guests into the house.

There’s also a gym and a bunch of other spaces and functions that form the first floor. The game room, the gym, the play area for friends with kids, the store, the cinema and the catering kitchen are all integrated into the floating staircase.

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