Fancy House Inside A Cottage By Wolveridge Architects

This is a very unusual and yet very good-looking house situated on the border between two rural settlements, used as a holiday home. It’s surrounded by tall dry pine trees and it’s a place where two people can find everything with a lot of casual comfort. The house was designed and built by the same firm Wolveridge Architects and it’s called House Ecopark. It was designed with two separate volumes and they were connected by a porch. The overall design of this cottage is modern and quite simple, with small daily living areas and cozy bedrooms.

The extension that this cottage now occupies is also more modern in some ways. Of course, it doesn’t feature the same simple and straight-forward combination of modern and rustic features. It’s a minimalist, contemporary and also chimney-free structure. This makes it a good option for minimalist and minimalist homes and offers the option of easily integrating more modern amenities and extra features.

There’s a third facade visible through the freshly carved opening in the porch’s glass walls. That’s where the chimneys were located and the whole cottage is filled with lots of vegetation and repurposed or recycled materials. The straw bales give it a lot of character and remind us that not everything you build should be perfect. In fact, this cottage could be shipped to others as long as the clients’ wishes are to preserve as much as possible of the natural resources of the location and to only preserve the existing wild area that was intended as a retreat.

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