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Labeling some of the world’s most creative companies, hat company is no wonder why they’re so creative. It has been called the “arsvaless of creativity”. Since 2008 the Italian digital entrepreneurs, Mario Salotti and Federico H. Orze achieved a level of creativity shown in the photos. Not just Mario Salotti, but also famous names such as Gisele Bundi, Marie Madsen, Pietro Chiesa, Alvaro Leš, Ind Jonger Aalto, Philippe Bittenz, Ingrid Schwartz and Poul Kjærholm Hall.

These names also names more famous fashion designers, clothes designer Lotta Boumani for whom this project was designed. The kitchens by Salotti, designed for the company were created in only three months. However, this PROJECER Certified eco-friendly kitchen design covers a lot of costs. This model costs only $220 per square foot.

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The furniture design was studied by the architectural firm Bernardo Carlino of Studio Bernardo Carlino and the design team by Studio Bernardo Carlino in collaboration with the general contractor Daniela Morenstein of Studio C. He designed a number of the kitchen’s special features. For instance, there’s the island big enough for two to fit comfortably a diner table.

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The worktops are made from wood and come together as a set. The differences in color, material and dimensions create different variations that link them all. When used on a regular basis, the design makes this table stand out. Not everyone has the same looks so perhaps some names better help with the décor.

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The refrigerator can be used as a food storage system and this allows it to be easily to be relocated if necessary. There;s also a special table available on the market that can be used to store ingredients during the cold season. This makes it a multifunctional piece.

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