Floating Wood Desk

There are lots of ideas you can adopt when setting up a work space or for your personal home office, regardless of the size or type. The most important part is knowing what has to happen to balance the space, to make it feel comfortable, to maximize functionality. This floating wood desk is a very nice touch, allowing the room to feel like a cozy home for you and your family.

The dimensions of this desk are 76? x 36?, it features three drawers with a sliding shelf for easy access, and two small shelves very easy to fit even in a small room. You’ll be able to book, write, and think while relaxing in this beautiful and elegant piece of furniture. The desk is available in many vibrant and bright colors.

In order to be able to reproduce this design without visible black lines, the lacquered dimensions are gloss and nickel, each have 45cm/25cm width. The desk is shipped with a shelf on which you can place your desk accessories. It’s a very easy fix when you have the space and you don’t have to make compromises all the time. Each item is provided at the price of $ 99.

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