Shipping Container Homes Insideinavian Style

These lovely homes have a very beautiful design, a mixture of modern and rustic elements and they seem very warm and cozy. Some of them are difficult to distinguish because they look all, simple and yet so many. Take this house for example. It’s a holiday home located in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was built in 2010 and it was a project by Bunker.

It’s a tiny house and it was designed for a Swedish-Swed. It sits on a very beautiful site situated in a historic neighborhood from the late 17th century. He has a beautiful garden in front of the house. The architect decided to preserve the garden in order to make the house integrate well into the surroundings. The architect also kept some of the house’s original pared back details. He wanted to preserve the character of the neighborhood and the way the house looks like.

The rest of the details include elements such as the texture of the wood cladding, the color of the walls, the cheerful garden wallpaper and several others. Even though the exterior is traditional from the neighborhood, the interior is modern. The double height spaces are filled with natural light. There’s a warm, earthy feeling that can be felt throughout the house. When seen altogether the house doesn’t seem formal or stuffy, more like a natural representation. It’s a simple, easy and inviting holiday home suitable for a couple or a family.{found on husohem}.

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