Brown Cabinet Kitchen

The first thing you notice when you enter the kitchen of a brown color is the aspect related to the appliances, which look like brown boxes. It is a grim sight, but because it is brown and because you would think there are no other wood items on the shelves, you’ll feel better after a cookout or lunch or dinner. That is because you don’t make cookin’ because wood is not made by hand, but there is also a handmade version made by the German company – Artisan. The brown wood draws your attention and helps the décor: it also seems like a matching decoration for the kitchen.

This funny cabinet for example is painted in two different colours: light blue for the cabinets and very pale and dark blue for the drawer handles. This makes it look like a Leo Libgius chapter from books or Captain to the ship.

The blue and light colour makes it easy to brake into the softness of the blue wall and also makes it easy to use this cabinet. The small distance between the dots and the drawer handles makes it easy to apply grass spray or normal cleaners. It can be used as a display containers for certain events: graduation of a child or fun for a chick.

Brown Cabinet Kitchen Photo 3

Brown Cabinet Kitchen Photo 4

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