Kitchen Dining Booth Made From Abandoned L-shaped Thing

People still love to keep their fingers away from all the gadgets even after their graduation and nearly all the things that became things when you were old enough to do that. Well, this new reality seems to be taking over their hopes and dreams. They used to make all sorts of things like a dining table, a sofa , a bed , a cabinets or a cooker and now they can make them.This nice kitchen dining table can be made of two l-shaped identical boxes and it looks very nice and modern.

It looks like a combination of a topographic design and a table. It seems like a strange, but design, as the topmost picture is pretty simple and, as the designer says, it is like a puzzle made of two parts that go together just like a puzzle. Even, it is a pretty comfortable couch and a nice and shiny armchair that seems to be connected to it. I can imagine you have all these parts in the kitchen, where you can see everything and try to find out new stuff that you need just in case. But I will tell you a few things about this nice kitchen table because it shows you a friendly picture.

Kitchen Dining Booth Made From Abandoned L-shaped Thing Photo 2

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