Bookshelves With Tv Space – Cool Shelves For The Living Room

Finding the right space for a TV is not as easy as it may seem. It’s particularly difficult when you have limited floor space and you often don’t have all the furniture you need. It’s all mobile and curious if there’s one space for all the things you want to display. What we’re describing is a small apartment located in Poznan, Poland. The apartment was designed by mode:lina architekci and one of its most important characteristics is the fact that it has an extremely narrow living room.

This detail can also be seen in the case of the TV, which has its own separate space, allowing a very narrow lifestyle. As you know, when a large space is not enough, sometimes the best solution is to use multipurpose furniture. The wardrobe should be a multipurpose element.

Bookshelves With Tv Space – Cool Shelves For The Living Room Photo 2

This way you save space and you also customize the décor. For example, a fun idea can be found on dimplesandtangles where you can find an interesting and funny storage box for the TV. It holds the TV and you can use it as a secret storage space.

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