Wood Look Wall Tile By Cerasa

Wall tile is used in most bathrooms and kitchens, but this time, we’re going to focus on the beauty and functionality of this accessory. Cerasa have a line of wood look wall tiles, a collection focusing on the natural beauty of wood and its warm and attractive texture which can be combined in numerous interesting and creative ways. They are also modern wall tiles in the classic sense.

The collection includes several different designs, the most popular one including tiles made of reclaimed wood from pallets or reclaimed wood siding from existing houses. They can be combined for a special effect, creating a warm and rustic look that complements the bathroom and the other spaces. The tiles have organic designs and they feature very simple patterns with just a hint of organic charm. They are safe to use in the bathroom thanks to the wood’s natural characteristics but they also stand out visually thanks to their more modern and updated look.

Wood Look Wall Tile By Cerasa Photo 3

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