Polished Concrete Walls In Paris By Architect Adrián Nobreau

Adrián Nobreau, principal of French studio Adrián Nobreau has completed this remodeled Paris’s 3-story apartment building, searching for a light, open aesthetic with clean, simple lines.

With an area of just over 3,000 square feet, the apartment is located on the eighth floor of the magnificent building that is constructed in 1889. Today, it is one of the largest apartment buildings in Europe.

This remodeling was requested by a young, forward facing Parisian family who wanted a light white contemporary house attached to the apartment.

Polished Concrete Walls In Paris By Architect Adrián Nobreau Photo 3

In order to achieve this goal, the architect had to find a way of presenting the facade of the building in such a way that the solar radiation of the sun would cause the concrete surfaces to change color.

He studied the sunshine and the light in the various volumes of the building, including the shutters, the windows, and the facades, as well as in the light circulations of the house. These shutters are made of Corten steel, which is an extremely normal, prolonged-steel material. When they are open, the shutters become part of the façade of the building.

The glazings that are included in the facade of the apartment are made of tempered glass and are, at a reasonable span, 100 cm. thick. and they can be seen from all points of view while also serving as architectural features.

The residence has modular units of living accommodation that are not limited to a single, tiny unit, but can be used to construct a compound room, a home office, a library, a media room, even a laundry nook and so on. The modular system allows different modules of housing to be attached, thereby making the house flexible and suitable for various situations.

One of the most interesting aspects of the house is the fact that the architect managed to combine different elements of the multi-functional structure, which is not easy to achieve, let alone space efficient manner, making the house an ideal place to spend a night under the stars and read, too much at a time.

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