Steel Frame House Plans For An Existing Heritage Cottage

The Bourville House is a private residence designed by Fearon Hay Architects. The house is located in Clayfield, a town in the county of North Hatley in Victoria, Australia.

The project was completed in 2013 and covers a total area of 4,413 square feet.

Steel Frame House Plans For An Existing Heritage Cottage Photo 2

The Bourville House by Fearon Hay Architects:

Steel Frame House Plans For An Existing Heritage Cottage Photo 3

“The project was designed as a structure to replace a existing traditional cottage in coastal grey on a site with modest views.

Since the site is located in a rural area, views are most often lost due to the relatively urban approach to the town. However with the help of an existing building and much consideration given to the new foot reader aspect to the plan the views are maximized.

The house is siting on a long a stream on the north boundary of the site. The planning has been carefully considered to minimize the impact on the natural landscape and maximise the north facing views.

A series of front steps step towards a creek from the middle of the house. This steps and steps are carefully collected and shaped to provide glimpses towards the stream while flanking a contemporary sculpture holding a traditional fountain will bring a sense of the natural environment from the indoor spaces within.

The living spaces will be open to the pool and deck. The timber deck is screened from the sun and shadows to allow the building to settle into its place of residence. The wide timber deck provides a balm to the steep nature reserve.”

Photos by: Tom Ferguson

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