Contemporary Backsplash Design By Marta Mustic

The contemporary kitchen is a long, narrow place where every inch of space is used. There, everything is carefully thought and arranged. There, everything is practical. The most obvious transposing elements would would be the backsplash. The kitchen is often neglected and this problem can be solved in many different ways. For example, the most common way is by adding stainless steel shades. This way the kitchen maintains its simple design and straightforward storage lines. The continuous stainless steel visually connects everything perfectly.

Perfect for the kitchen that needs to have a special accessory embedded in its design, this material lets a single color stand out, a bold tone that can be changed. For example, the backsplash is completely black, arranged in an apparently random way. The effect is spectacular and modern. The kitchen interior is minimalist and the most interesting thing is the fact that the glass backsplash allows a beautiful work area to be created, a space where simple colors stand out. The backsplash is actually integrated into the design of the cabinets, a simple and clever way of allowing the kitchen to tie its surrounding environment together.

The accompanying dining area is lit by LEDs. It’s a warm and cozy space, with a wooden table, live-edge chairs and cozy and multifunctional furniture. The yellow chandelier is indeed very charming. The kitchen, dining area and living room are separated by a wall. The window lets the fresh air in and gives the whole area a sophisticated look.

Contemporary Backsplash Design By Marta Mustic Photo 3

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