Images Of Painted Kitchen Cabinets By Inbar Paradny Kalomidi

Painted kitchen cabinets have become a common choice in the kitchen. Whether you choose to paint them in white, blue, yellow or anything else completely you choose them because you love them. This way you can make your kitchen look sophisticated and beautiful without having to make any big changes. However, if you really love to paint your kitchen walls you might want to add some color as well.

A very good choice when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets is to add two very strong colors one for each cabinet. And since we’re talking about cabinets, we should also mention the fact that you can create accent of your cabinets by choosing colors and using contrasting shades of that color against the white of the cabinets.

And of course, if you really love the current trend you can paint them another color entirely. Orange is a very safe choice. It looks great in combination with white and gray. It’s a shade often associated with the cold winter days and it’s a great way to change the atmosphere.

Of course, it’s also possible to choose the colors combinations you like and to just create a monotonous and cold décor for the kitchen. There are lots of options to explore in this case and the main idea is to use lots of dark tones and to only use a few light shades. However, this doesn’t mean that the atmosphere is not also cold and harsh. This is a beautiful example of how mixing colors work together is practically impossible even when you’re not dining at home.

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