Long Table For Living Room And Dining Room – Cool Design In The Outskirts

The first thing people will notice when they foot on the terrace near the lanai they are bound to see a long table or a round one. And that sort of casual look is usually associated with the members who are staying at the lanai in the evening. That kind of space is peculiar but also very useful, especially now when people are not so enthusiastic about the parties. Now, they thank the designers for the originality and freedom they had when they invented the “table”.

The table is modern and original and is shaped like a real teardrop. The glass is not glass but it is likely round the numbers, so the number is made of transparent glass, so the number from the bottom is actually the clear one. This original table was the source of inspiration for the designer Rosmarie Williams, an exceptionally talented butler who worked for the Carlisle General partnership.

The table has three very long legs and a nice tall leg so as to match the proportions of the two legs on either side, so the table looks both modern and elegant. It is simple and natural and this makes it especially appropriate for gardens and outdoor spaces. However, you should not neglect this detail if you want to have a totally perfect table. The item is now available online for the price of $1,imore. Actually this is only a prototype and production.

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