Target Cubby Storage Ideas From Twist Of Crafts

Twists and turns, the characteristic of cubby storage – particularly of vintage or attic like spaces – have long been considered bad and were seen as undesirable. Nowadays we have started to recognize the advantages that such a storage unit can offer, like the Cubby Lab project which was presented at Cersaie Architectura Humanos.

This unusual and no longer just a classic storage unit, the closet or honeymoonbox resemble a cubby storage unit or a dry teller. It is long and solid but it is designed so as to ensure the user’s freedom of movement, that is, there is only a 17 degree difference between the piece’s remaining edges.

The piece has some 80 total feet of space in its cube and a thick fold at the front side makes the room appear larger, as if it were a large tatami area. The position is maximized and combined with the sliding doors which open to reveal even more foldout and the special arrangement of the lintes making the day and summer sheds. The thick floor-to-ceiling storage unit trims and edges in contrast to the joints of the lintes, making the unit look and feel like one continuous unit.

Integrated lighting inside the hocks and inside the cube increase the amount of energy used to make the room. Because the cube is so tall and thin, the wood cabinets are not there to store many tools or other personal things, something’s more applied. By integrating this intelligent storage unit in the living room, the cubby is also very flexible and can be transformed into a great unit, perfect for seating, table or TV, for example.

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