Backsplash Glass Doors – Stylish And Modern Designs

The windows of a kitchen usually make that place where it’s being builte, whether it’s the kitchen island, the wall support, the peninsula or the prep area, usually have those special glass doors. Behind these glass doors everything is possible for the interior to be perfectly clean and well-organized. That’s exactly what we’re going to focus on today. The designs of these doors and glass doors are the result of an ingenious project. The glass, doors that goes under this model, create that indoor/outdoor connection by creating Line A or “Line B”, the design that Bruno Ernink and Bruno Ernink designed foragged Studio.

Line A is basically the opposite of Line A in terms of design. But Bruno Erpicum and Izabela Crespoiga thought they were able to create an interesting design for this glass door. The most interesting thing about the door is that it supports two transparent panels, which can be pushed and pulled in both directions. This way you can use the space behind your kitchen cabinet in case you need to find some extra doors.

The CabLO front door uses four parallel bars, two vertical ones and a horizontal one. The bars line the opening and serve as sliding panels. The door had to be designed in such a way that the lines are not very straight and they look like they end when they’re set back. It’s a very ingenious idea that makes use of the remaining space.

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The door frames are mounted on the glass and the lines are smooth and beautiful. It’s a design that compensates for the amount of space that the door offers and also provides protection against the elements. It’s not a particularly stylish or elegant door so it would be a nice fit for classical or rustic homes.

The design of the door is simple and interesting but not in the traditional or conservative type of design. Instead, the door is simple, symmetrical and the accents are minimalistic but not without character.

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