Steel Outdoor Fireplaces With A Rustic Look And Easy Maintenance

Fireplaces come in all sorts of shapes and styles and for that reason they’re always unique. They cane also be customized and updated, not just aesthetically and stylish-looking their main characteristics would definitely be their style.

Instead of a traditional fireplace, an industrial outdoor fireplace can potentially be modern. The choice can be interesting in a lot of different ways. For example, small stairs can still be built without adhesives so you can have fun creating your DIY fireplaces and adding your own stylish touches to their design.

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Woodenframed fireplaces can be quite expensive but there are also numerous DIYs for which you can use the wood-saving technique which you can show us how you can make with some leftover wood from previous DIY projects.

On the same topic, you can also take your old fireplace and turn it into something else. A good example is a compact fireplace mount that lets you add a shelf to its top to make it more dramatic.

Another thing fireplace makeover ideas can be to repurpose an old and damaged horizontal slat which connects a floor and can act as a sort of privacy screen that shields the fireplace and the adjacent wall from the view of the others.

Instead of the usual pedestal fireplace design which has the fireplace on one side and a wall on top, you could create a chic cutout area with a table and some chic hanging chairs. If you plan on using a separate fireplace for your home, make sure the table and the chairs are not hanging at unnecessary sources.

Obviously, a terrace or deck is also a great place for a fireplace. Not only there can be freestanding fireplace but also a roof terrace or a balcony or a garden. To maximize the versatility of the space, fill it with as much as possible with outdoor furniture and decorations.

As great as a freestanding fireplace may be, it’s also important to tone everything down a little with one of the most important elements in the space. The lighting is particularly important here because of all the exposed ceiling beams which eliminate the need for mantelobs.

The seating arrangements are important too. For example, if you want to create a comfortable lounge area in the large open floor plan you could have the sofa and armchairs placed around a fireplace, with glass doors open to let in the outdoors and the views.

Another way to utilize the space in a practical and at the same time beautiful way is by giving up an accent color. Several tones of blue, beige, yellow or purple can help you achieve that look. Use them individually to coordinate everything else.

And just how do you achieve the perfect balance between comfort and style? The simplest option is to match everything in the room to your fireplace. Of course, this means there’s more to it than just the fireplace. The colors you use, the materials and finishes in general can take a lot of forms.

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