Open Stairway Design That Doubles As Both Storage And A Seat

One of the biggest challenges that designers have when building spaces is to find the perfect way to give the interior a new look. It’s exactly what the designers at Esprit book company did while designing the New York City site that fronts New York City University’s Fashion District. Originally, the conventional staircase design stayed in the past as buildings with playful fireplaces and colorful freshening looks. The New York City-based firm is now focusing on creating a more human and material connection that links the space to its function in a way that complements the human body’s natural duties as we know it. The accompanying series of stairs that double as seating are one of the most eye-catching focal points of their design.

Of course, variations of these stairs can be created out of wood as well. These wooden stairs are fitting for a modern and not necessarily specialized public space. They are a piece of wood that has been cut in three parts, hence the 16” top and bottom and also the wood’s natural finish. It’s why these stairs are so eye-catching and not just in any home. They are basically floating wood stairs but they are not the lightest type.

You can even use these wooden stairs to build a beautiful and impressive outdoor sitting area like this one. The stairs are relatively simple and yet they’re also very comfortable and have a friendly texture, just like a sandwich or a sandwich taken in the right shapes. The stairs are a great way of adding some color to the outdoor areas and they actually look very beautiful and colorful. Another great thing they create is a shelving unit. This one provides three shelves for books, shoes and even beverages. It’s a nice and cheap solution.{picture skeppus}.

Open Stairway Design That Doubles As Both Storage And A Seat Photo 3

Open Stairway Design That Doubles As Both Storage And A Seat Photo 5

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