Stone Bath Tub By Ponsi Filicana – A Stone Tub With A Sculptural Design

The Stone bath tub features an original design, created by Ponsi filicana in cooperation with Adrian Filina. The tub is constructed using natural stone resulting in the finest Italian stone with soft edges and curved corners. The bath’s design is neither very abstract nor precise nor overly sophisticated. It’s more of a complex process that allows the designer to come up with custom treatments for that specific feature. Each stone is chosen in concordance with the surroundings and terrain. This beautiful and unique process of searching for that material’s unique pattern appeared in the case of the Stone tub.

The tub is made from 16 identical smaller tiles encased in a travertine marble. They were hand-picked by hand and after the selection process was completed a unique combination emerged which gives the bath a unique tactile form and allows it to perfectly fit into the space and to follow the overall shape of the tub. Several varieties can be available based on the tiles and their design was modeled according to the chosen material. The tub can be customized to also have a mirror attached to its exterior. This would further be a case of luxury spa-inspired interior design, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

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