Smallest Shipping Container House In Building

The RDP House is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s a project developed by Paz Arquitectos and it’s called the RDP House. The reason why we chose to name this place the “Small House” are you probably wondering what is the function of the house that is actually situated on top of a steep site that could be considered too rugged for drinking a hot summer’s day. Well, this house was designed to serve as a weekend home for a couple and their two kids without any compromises.

The house was designed as an open structure with just enough exposed concrete surfaces to connect the different levels. From the ground of what was in the original site there are many conceptual elements that dramatize a final approach that, we say, represents the “simple geometry” of the house. The black house, despite having the orientation of the sun in the air, was designed with multiple external spaces besides the interior rooms placed in the inner volumes.

The house is organized on three floors. The ground floor contains the social areas of the house such as the living room that opens onto the patio, the kitchen that opens onto the patio, the office that has the T-shaped room divider and the children’s bedroom that is on the second floor all three levels in like.

The three levels are like play floors, like parts of a puzzle. The middle level opens onto the patio, the kitchen and the lanai and there are several levels after that a semi-ground floor with master bedroom upstairs and the guestrooms that can be accessed downstairs. The house has a very unique steel staircase that connects many levels. The spaces are unique and have a modern look. They are private, but also friendly and the different spaces are a clear representation of the user’s personality and lifestyle.{pics by Yoshihiro Asada}.

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