Candy Display Jars From IKEA

These are some simple jars designed by IKEA for children and they can also be used for other purposes. Some of them were repurposed when we got bored and they are now in limited supply. Still, they will probably find their way into something special. For example some of them go on the refrigerator, into the kids room or of the kitchen and some of them can be used to make candies. That is why some old jars with shapes like crayons and coins can be as good as new.

Some of these jars are actually just for decorative purpose and they are available for $3.75 dozen. The jars are round and have colorful handles and shapes and each is special because this is a magnetic object. The jars are easy to clean and maintain and each have only one use and different dimensions so that you can combine the number of items in a collection as you wish. You can use them for storing different items like spice jars, toothbrushes and soaps for example, so that you can separate the toothbrushes from the toothpaste for a better tasting, but also to wash them in the wash-room. Or you could make these jars useful again the moment you need them. Each jar is available for $3.95 and makes a wonderful home for the kids room.

Candy Display Jars From IKEA Photo 2

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