Scandinavian Style Decorating Ideas For The Winter

When it comes to winter decoration, the cold air that settled the houses this winter makes all the difference and the point is that we get to have winter scandinavian style decoration. Most of our homes have this classic bedroom, with a comfy bed, small candles, cozy blankets and pillows and anything else we would like to keep out of the house during the winter.

Most people follow a traditional Japanese model or design when decorating the bedrooms. Some prefer to keep it simple and only use a few colors like white or gray. Other areas are more audacious. For example, the living room is not extremely large but the fact that we decorate it as usual and everything looks pretty much the same everywhere. It makes the atmosphere a lot more pleasant this time. In addition, using very few colors, simple and subtle tones create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, perfect for lying back and admiring the details. Underneath there are a few particularities that you couldn’t expect to have in a bedroom.

1. White and light color palette.

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Most bedrooms instantly feel brighter than they are without necessarily using too much color. It’s why using white and light colors during the winter is so popular. During the summer, especially in the Kanagawa homestay, summer is one of those times. So if you have a bedroom in here, don’t hesitate to paint it either with a summery yellow.{picture from here}.

2. Eclectic interior design.

If your goal is to create a winter wonderland where rustic and modern elements coexist, then you’ll have to find solutions for these problems. For example, your bedroom needs a big, sleek fireplace to compensate out the snow and the heat. And if you want to spend more time here, opt for a luxurious design that combines the comfort of an airy bed, an eye-catching chandelier or an eye-catching furniture piece.{picture from here}.

3. A guest bathroom.

As people, here with a lot of friends coming and going to the next destination, it’s paramount that you ensure that you and your guests have a place that’s inviting and warm, something that keeps them entertained and that also serves as a private room. The best place to spend the whole winter holidays sleeping are in the bedroom. Make sure that the bed linens don’t steal the show and the area rug matches the headboard in a beautiful gradient.{picture from here}.

4. Friendly children’s rooms.

Social spaces are usually the house guests see when they want to stay for a while and this usually includes the children. It would be even better if you made a dedicated playroom for the little ones. Connect them with the rest of the house, use a cozy and funny decor and make sure everything is well-organized.{pictjectabana}.

5. Small cozy spots.

Building cozy spots is not a job should be doing it easily. A lot of little ones get together with their friends and spend great time together. Make sure they have everything they need as well as a nice area rug. Make sure they have plenty of books and turn them into a real life work of art.{picture found on site}.

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