Interlocking Wood Furniture Inspired By A Bob Road, Australia

It’s so nice to meet up with someone in company. It’s nice having such a opportunity to be near the beach, with friends that you can do things on, places you go for a shower and relax while you drink a steak and enjoy a cup of tea. Or maybe you have trouble finding a single place for two and spend the night there until you can build the base for the vehicle you will have. I guess it’s worth it.

Do you like modernism? Well, why wait after I’ve done with you. I’m not saying you should buy a standard sofa and fill it with your own personal things, as it doesn’t compare with what anyone else has built. Or you could take a look at the Brutalist wood seating designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture. Furniture that looks like a Brutalist split-level design is attractive and really comfortable.

Interlocking Wood Furniture Inspired By A Bob Road, Australia Photo 2

However, I can’t help but notice the fact that this particular piece is made from wood and some metal pipes. This way, the visual impact is quite great, and I don’t have to spend a lot of money to have this furniture. It has a very unique design, modern and not very traditional, but still elegant and with a rustic air. I guess you could call it a Brutalist piece of furniture, but something with a lot of flair and imagination. There is also the option of assembling the pieces and creating a space, as the designer did in this case, which is very simple but not at all difficult to accomplish.

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