Circular Homes For Unusual Lovers

The circular house is the smallest and most common of all modern homes. It consists of two undulating and rectangular sections that are linked together by an axis. The homes are designed by architect Jonathan Olivares who in collaboration with the owners created some of the original works as well as the appliances and fixtures. The houses have an irregular shape and they look like circular structures on the outside but on the inside they are really eye-catching and modern. The outdoor furniture and the curtains create a very cozy atmosphere while the interior makes you think of cozy bedrooms. These are impressive and modern structures but we would have no second art if we were to forget about it.

The Quoja residence was designed for two adults who requested a casual and safe space, while the interior designer Sean Launhetti conceived and created a unique space for the couple to relax and enjoy nature, whether it is inside or outside, the lake, the forest, the water or the garden.

The house may seem very simple inside but it is a wonderful and unexpected construction. Each room is a small rectangular volume with a different color and the walls are white. This way the space seems larger and all the decorations that take space stand out. Outside the house there are 30 wooden trees that provide shade and peace and they are a great and simple detail that definitely makes you forget about any other design you might try.

The interior is a simple, modern and simple space where details and colors are the basic elements. The walls are white throughout the house with the occasional accents of color. The sofa and chairs in almostEvery Room 1 to beige with natural wood Surfaces and Stone Surfaces in the Room Surfaces.

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