Prefab Shed Homes

Usually people choose to live in houses and not in cars or any other transportable building for that matter. However, this is not the case for people who actually live in cars or trucks and rather who can afford a real garage. It’s about time something more resistant to the elements. For example here a small shed was built.

The shed has a tin structure and it’s accessorized with lots of little pipes and tubes, some of which are invisible. It’s an experiment that will serve as a source of inspiration for a lot of contemporary interior spaces. The main idea behind this project was to create a modular and easily moveable shed. The technical part of the design was replaced by a single roof plant that can be moved around as needed.

Prefab Shed Homes Photo 2

The shed has a very simple design. It resembles a large box or a large storage and display structure and most of the interior is reduced to only the basic elements. Still, it’s a good example that shows us that even something as simple as wire and wood can be turned into a beautiful and modern structure.{found on balterikinews}.

Prefab Shed Homes Photo 3

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