Beautiful Beach Homes Full Of Charm And Comfort

It is known the fact that, once you are on vacation, the attention is usually upon the colors, design and style of the homes you choose. Some of the most beautiful beach homes have an ocean-front property, other are very modern and some have a combination of styles which we can take for granted.Here are some beautiful beachfront villas with house proportions and designs.

– With stunning views and design fully preserved for the most luxury conditions, this villa is a sight to be seen.

– The design and decorations are a mixture of European custom and modern culture.

– The infinity-edge pool and the surrounding scenic landscape are a perfect representation of the traditional Mediterranean architecture.

– The center of the property is the impressive Mediterranean garden, a place for special events and gatherings. Its palm-tree dominated the landscape with its palm trees mark the contour and the palm trees also give privacy to the interior of the house.

– One can enjoy the view from the inside of the home, from the bedrooms, from the sofas and couches and also from the coffee table or dining room.

– The main living area or the main living room of the house has double-height ceiling, which makes it more appealing and attractive.

– Each side of the living room has sliding doors that make possible to also present the main view of the house. Restaurant is adjacent to the main dining room with the kitchen is adjacent to it.

– A non-working laundry room is also discreetly incorporated into the entrance of the home. To make things even more interesting, there are motorized roller blinds that can be operated without the need of humans being disturbed.

– The dining room of the house has unique characteristics as an open space that also creates a close connection with the water. Moreover, it is serves also as a bar.

– A large round mat sits on the dining table right next to the chandelier, creating a dynamic line that creates a strong impression of the DJ’s station up in the air.

– A 25 cm diving board gets an away porch to the back garden with panoramic views of the surroundings. The trees are a dense 12 –15 –inch height trees that dominates the entire surrounding area. They provide shade and protection to the house while also presenting a green cloak that contrasts with the residence’s concrete skin.

– Native lilies help reduce noise and make the outdoor area extra comfortable and welcoming.”

Photos by: Liz Díaz

HomeDSGN has received this project from our WeTransfer channel. Architects and interior designers are welcome to submit their work for publication.

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