Peninsula Vs Island Country At Their Coarsie

Are you ready for an interesting adventure of building your own home, on an island? Or are you not interested in the knotty wood yet? Well, we are! It is our mission to “help” you with the DIY projects you need the most. Every little detail counts because it is possible to build a just as unique home on our own. Thanks to the fascination of many people (non-residents) on sites where island style pre-exist, the entire idea of such a tiny cottage becomes out of fashion and available for purchase for hundreds on the Internet!

The home of Pierre Koenig and Margit Jansen of Marie-Claire Decor is located in Nova Scotia, just outside a hotel in Vancouver. The drawings can be purchased at the Canadian Association of Architects ( reminiscing childhood memories) and the cost of the building is quite low. Making a small and ready to move building is usually a cost-effective way to travel with less financial burden. The combination of these two two architectural marvels makes Pierre Koenig the one in charge with the accomplished project and its adaptability.

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The structure of the home is completely clad in a two-tone fading timber, which against the bright backdrop the roof shape and decor is a darker tone. The materials used to construct this new space with its roof-like setting sit above the mundane classically Grade A prefab cab. The quiet modern renovation not only creates a serene retreat home but also protects the family home from any future spills.

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A renovated Nova Scotia lake house by the likes of Renova and presented by the likes of Chalksie & Daniel Coupled.
With Chalksie to be offered by Urbandescalc Clermont, the renovations have taken a conventional New York cottage and converted it to a four-season cottage-style cottage with private outdoor entertaining spaces. The transformed tiny wooden building is contemporary yet warm. Its use of stained wood makes it a classic element in the landscape and the innovative structure, with its roof wrapping the two-storey glazing, acts as a frame for the upper floor bedrooms, bathroom and dining areas.

On the main level, the kitchen, dining and living room are all visually connected with the outdoors, opening up the house to the spectacular natural vistas beyond and to a wonderful forest that is visually connected with the street. Sliding and folding doors provide wide openings to both levels without closing off individual rooms. The interconnected spaces enjoy tantalizing views across the surrounding landscape and opportunities for spectacular light design choices.

The finished product is a modern retreat provided by a forward-thinking architectural design.”

Photos by: Antoni

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