Unique House Design In Florida With An Unusual Name

This beautiful house is located in Encanto Domingo, Florida and it’s a very interesting project developed by differing projects including: West Marin Residential Laboratory 4 & 5 and the Custom Build House 5. The property measures 110 acres and it’s filled with all sorts of properties and special features. In addition to the beautiful gardens and all the natural parts of the property it also includes a beautiful coastal forest and a large rocky headland.

The success of this project was the creation of a new house that has a very distinctive design. It was a project developed by Florida-based studio Metropolis Landscape Design and it consists of a separate residence that resembles a very special house.The new residence was built for a professional couple that collect outdoor beauty. They collect different types of wood that they plan on keeping for years without much maintenance. The house features a large stone wall that looks very beautiful and that hides in just the right amount of interesting details.

The entire house is finished in a very beautiful and pure white so it will seamlessly blend in with the surroundings. The stone wall has a very delicate and modern look. The entrance is on the ground level. It includes a large foyer with a fountain and a series of small and subtle areas together to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. The rest of the levels contain the common areas.

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