Wall Hung Desk And Cabinet

I don’t know if you all work for a big company and it’s a pretty challanging project, depending on the kind of person you are. The most difficult one is with a good desk because otherwise you might risk you’ll be flipping useless your documents and you just won’t be using this desk. Anyway, there is no perfect desk to repurpose, no warranty, noobs and the cost factor is very important, as I’m sure you’re all happy with this idea too. As you can imagine, there’s also a divider somewhere where you can maybe move aside and maybe create an open shelf if you want to. But that’s pretty easy to achieve and the benefits of DIY projects are never 100%, so you’d better save some money.

I’m also a big fan of all those unusual and interesting things that you can do with cardboard, like these little boxes. They’re easy to make and look really nice. Let’s see what you’ll need for this project: some large cardboard boxes with different sizes, a foam roller, a metal file holder, a cutter and 1.25’’ screws. When you’re done, put the boxes on the shelf. Make sure you hurry up.

Wall Hung Desk And Cabinet Photo 2

You could also use all those metal locking rings that you have on hand and some rope. You can purchase these at the hardware store or you can head there to find something more affordable.

Wall Hung Desk And Cabinet Photo 3

For those that like serving pieces rather than eating, here’s another interesting collection that includes three serving bowls, 4 corn stalks, 3 wooden wine cork planters and a bamboo lantern. You’ll also need some tools, some pilling and water. All the tools are included in the order you’re going to make the bowl, the cork planter and the lantern.

Wall Hung Desk And Cabinet Photo 4

You could also use some of the room’s resources for other projects. For example, you could make a headboard for the bedside table near the bed. You can use the legs of the bed and the bed canopy. Depending on the size of the bed, the dimensions of the bed canopy and the distance between the nightstand and the canopy, you can figure out how many pieces of fabric you need. For the bed canopy attach some rope and something permanent. It’s fun and it’s very practical. You can also try some sconces or reading lights in the corners of the bedroom. Also, you could use the bed light holder. There are lots of ideas to choose from. And just so you know, all depends on your preferences and current home conditions and building and décor preferences.Lace or ruffles can also be for the bedroom but can be made of paper, frosted, non-perforated aluminum or black painted.{all pics from bhg}.

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