Cement Pendant Light For The Bedroom

Simple and chic, this pendant lamp is a great choice for the bedroom. Not only that, but it’s also very versatile. The dimensions, if we can find something similar in the right place, would be approximately 4.15 x 2.125 x 2.5 inches. The price is $149 from Fresh Crush.

The lamp is one of the most romantic ones there are and that’s mostly because of the beautiful and fragile shape of the lampshade. The bright cherry color make it even more romantic. In order to make it even more romantic, the lampshade has to be suspended without taking up space. It’s not fixed so it’s just a simple and subtle change of look. It might not be the most romantic type of light, but it’s a change that can be very practical for any room of the house.

Cement Pendant Light For The Bedroom Photo 2

The Nightfly lamp comes in several different colors, all of which are very bold and visually interesting. In order to make the most of this delicate lampshade, it has to be suspended in a variety of different heights. The interior is very small and if you don’t have a lamp as majestic as this one, you can use an antique parasol or a vintage one, a little spooky upside-down crucifix inside.

Cement Pendant Light For The Bedroom Photo 3

If you prefer a less robust piece of lighting, you might like the Moon wall lamp. I know I do too and I really like the mystery around it. My favorite design from the first part of the day!

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