Bright Kitchen Colors That You Haven’t Seen In A While

An all-white kitchen is such a stunner, there’s absolutely nothing about it that can makes you stop and look at the colors from an uninspired perspective. Of course, a fabulous color scheme needs to be simple and serene – the color palette needs to be all-stated. It is this bright color that sets the tone for a spacious kitchen and that makes it the perfect canvas on which to highlight artful objects and interesting furniture. Today we turn our attention to the white kitchen and ways of looking to white in the white kitchen.

If you don’t want to paint your cabinets or structural walls white yet, just because it is a tone for the white color scheme does not mean you need to paint everything white. If you are hesitant to paint the ceiling white, go for white instead. The white sky can really be the backdrop for something eclectic. Depending on the atmosphere you are shooting in your kitchen, you could paint diaphanous walls or keep it simple with white cabinetry and use just a few colors elsewhere.

To keep the white kitchen looking light and airy, it is a good idea to combine all the colors used for the white cabinets and keep the white surfaces as neutral as possible. The contrast will still be strong but balanced. Use white on with paint to make the ceiling look even brighter and use matching tones of cream to give the white cabinets an ethereal feel.

Sometimes it is simply easier to work with contrasts to create an appealing, white effect. Choose white with paint to make your kitchen pop or blend with the walls. If you have a white kitchen, the best place for the white paint used will be white on all the walls. It’s a great way to avoid a black and orange kitchen. Finish it off with a white and black kitchen too.

Try adding bright contrasting colors to the white kitchen. You can do by using bright contrasting colors with bright effect. For example, light green, orange and pink bring energizing color into the kitchen but only if complemented with neutral shades.

To make your white and black kitchen feel more refreshing, use chalkboard paint for some chalk. You can write down things like ask in a note to come up with a message to share with your guests. They will appreciate your gesture. Also, you can use chalk to personalize the other elements in your home such as the cabinets and shelves for example.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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